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No. 12 A Medieval Zoo
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Welcome to Part One of our page of Medieval animals

We have divided this page into two parts. The first section consists of pictures of the creatures depicted in our miniatures, the second part is a dictionary of all the wild, weird and wonderful fauna that variously lent strength to the oaken-hearted brave, and wealth and health to the chaste and worthy, as well as turning a few other unfortunate souls to stone, pillars of fire, little piles of dust, etc, with a single fearsome glance. Things like the monstrous Basilisk and Banacon and the utterly bewildering Tetramorph - one of the few species to be fitted (as standard) with wheels - make one quite glad to live in modern times. Medieval life must have been a pretty colourful (and probably more than a little dangerous!) experience. Quite what a fifteenth century veterinary practitioner's waiting room might have looked like on a busy day is anybody's guess!

No. 36
No. 25
Bicorporate: Miniature No. 36, Salisbury Cathedral
Centaur and wyvern: Miniature No. 25, Gloucester Cathedral.
No. 79
No. 36
Devil: Miniature No. 79, Southwark Cathedral.
Ducks: Miniature No. 36, Salisbury Cathedral.
No. 19
No. 19

4 Dragons' heads: Miniature No.19, Wells Cathedral.

No. 12
No. 12
Dragon: Miniature No. 98, St. Davids Cathedral.
Green Dragon: Miniature No. 12, Hereford Cathedral.
No. 34
No. 89
Green Man: Miniature No. 34, Exeter Cathedral.
3 Hares: Miniature No. 89. Dartmoor.
No. 29
No. 20
3 Lindworm Dragons: Miniature No. 29, Lincoln Cathedral.
Lindworm and Wyvern Dragons: Miniature No. 20, Wells Cathedral.
No. 31
No. 27
Lion: Miniature No. 31, Exeter Cathedral.
Merman: Miniature No. 27, Lincoln Cathedral.
No. 33
Monkey: Miniature No. 33, Canterbury Cathedral.
No. 39
No. 37
No. 50

Top left: Miniature No. 39, Exeter Cathedral.

Top right: Miniature No.37, Winchester Cathedral.

Left: Miniature No. 50, Hereford Cathedral.

No. 35
No. 75
Above: Snail: Miniature No. 75, Worcester Guild Hall.

Left: Salamander: Miniature No.35, Wells Cathedral.

No. 37
No. 23

Winged Lions:

Above left: Miniature No. 27, Winchester Cathedral.  

Above right: Miniature No. 23, Tewkesbury Abbey.

Right: Miniature No. 99, St. Davids Cathedral.

No. 31
No. 28
No. 5
Wyvern Dragons: Top left: Miniature No. 28, Lincoln Cathedral.

Below left: Miniature No.12, Hereford Cathedral.

Top right: Miniature No.5, Salisbury Cathedral.

Below right: Miniature No. 36, Salisbury Cathedral.

No. 12
No. 36

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