Martin Webb and Oliver Webb, makers of Fine Stone Miniatures. Handmade miniatures of stone carvings for the collector and connoisseur. Hill View, Hereford Road, Storridge, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR13 5EY.
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Martin carving acanthus foliage

Martin Carving replacement foliate panel for Worcester Guild Hall.


We are a small Herefordshire based family business, Martin and Oliver being father and son, specialising in making extremely accurate miniatures of stone carvings for the connoisseur and serious collector, and our work can be found in many private collections around the world.

Before concentrating on making miniatures, both Martin and Oliver Webb were stone masons working in the trade. The Webb family has quite a long tradition of working in the arts and crafts; the architect Sir Aston Webb who's portfolio of work included Admiralty Arch in London and the facade of Buckingham Palace. Brothers Geoffrey Fuller Webb and Christopher Rahere Webb both worked (seperately) in stained glass and their work is to be found all around the United Kingdom and occasionally further afield. More recently John Christopher Webb has spent his whole working life as one of the finest silversmiths of recent times and his daughter Caroline continues the tradition as a bespoke letter cutter and designer of high repute.

To find out more about Christopher Rahere Webb (1886 - 1966) and his work, please visit the Stained Glass Museum at: Christopher Webb

To find out more about Sir Aston Webb (1849 - 1930), please visit the excellent site by Tina Bird at: Aston Webb

Originally Martin trained as a stained glass artist working with his father Christopher Webb at his studio in St.Albans. But National Service intervened and instead of returning to the stained glass he moved on, having met Anne, who was training as a silver smith in Birmingham's jewellery quarter.

Oliver initially began an apprenticeship in french polishing, which proved to be a mistake and so gave it up to do a second apprenticeship in stone masonry. With the exception of a three year break to learn some of the stained glass trade he has worked in stone masonry ever since.

Anne is the unsung hero of our whole enterprise. She is the entire office staff, with a steady hand on the tiller and a canny eye on the sail, hopefully preventing Oliver spending too much on some exciting and absolutely essential new toy, er, tool. Anne has, throughout, shown extraordinary patience with both her husband and son cluttering up the place with photographs, tools, little red boxes and, on occasions, fairly substantial chunks of buildings. 

We hope that the selection of pictures on this page will be of interest to you, they depict some of the work we have done over the years on various sites whist working in the stonemasonry trade. Our experience has been gained over the years working on a wide variety of stone buildings, some modern, the majority ancient. This has allowed us a privileged opportunity to examine close at hand many beautiful pieces of carving that are normally inaccessible without the benefit of scaffolding, or, in some cases, are beyond the public's view altogether. 

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Guild Hall capital carved by Martin

Replacement capital for Worcester Guild Hall carved by Martin.

Worcester Guild Hall tympanum

Tympanum of Worcester Guild Hall following total restoration headed by Martin Webb (seen here fitting new scales to the statue of Justice!).

Replacement pinnacle for Pershore Abbey carved by Oliver with Christopher James for Capps and Capps Ltd


Malvern Priory pinnacle by Martin

Replacement pinnacle for Great Malvern Priory carved by Martin

Carved panel designed and carved by Oliver.

Oliver carving ball-flowers on a new stone for Hereford Cathedral tower

Oliver carving ball-flowers for Hereford Cathedral tower

 Catalogue No. 44p. Hand painted special. 

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Martin Webb. Master stone mason.....