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Welcome to our online museum pages. These are intended to be of interest primarily to our collectors, but we hope they will be of general interest too. Over the years our work has evolved and inevitably changes have occurred - there have been several limited editions and various hand-painted versions, also a lot of experimental finishes, personalised pieces and even a few prototypes have been sold (see our Ebay Specials Shop). This has led to  a great variety for the serious collector to choose from, and to help identify some of the rarities and deleted lines these pages includes a selection of photographs. Inevitably, this museum is very far from a complete catalogue of all the "specials" that have been made, so if you have one which doesn't appear here, please don't feel disappointed - but send us a nice picture and we'd be absolutely delighted to include it here.

Please note that not all of the miniatures shown in the Museum are currently available as shown, but are included for interest and to help identify early pieces. If you're lucky and sharp eyed, discontinued lines can still turn up occasionally in shops, having lurked un-noticed in the stock room - we actually bought one or two rare pieces (of which we'd foolishly never kept an example!) back ourselves a year or two back when some very old stock emerged. Keep an eye on Ebay (other than our own Ebay based Specials' Shop) too, I've seen more than a couple of pieces turn up there. Last year a friend bought a rather nice handpainted Lincoln Cathedral Three Dragons (No. 29P) at their local Oxfam shop!! Who knows just what's out there........

Completely discontinued lines

You may have already noticed that there are a couple of discontinued lines in our current catalogue which are not currently available. They are numbers: 2, 3, 4 and 13. Number 2 was deleted at the beginning of 2000 when the design was reworked as number 75, in which form it continues. Only a handful each of numbers 3 and 4 were made, these were essentially prototypes and were never really put into production. Number 13 was a lion’s head which concealed a plant container, fewer than 20 were made.

Catalogue numbers 1 Worcester Stiff Leaf Foliate Boss and Tewkesbury Abbey roof bosses Nos. 21 King's Head and 22 Troll's Head, were unavailable for a while, but have since been reintroduced following numerous requests for them. Number 1 was produced until about 1990 and was sold on a limited basis through only one or two shops, only about 45 were made. Numbers 21 King's head and 22 Troll's head, were sold through a limited number of shops and the majority of the pieces were painted gold with a dark red ground and stone vaulting ribs (see elsewhere in the Online Museum). Collectors will be pleased to hear that the reintroduced versions of Nos. 1, 21 and 22 have been subtly "tweaked" here and there to make them more accurate, and identifiably distinct from the rare originals. The rarity and collectability of the originals remains intact, whilst new versions of these striking carvings may still be purchased. The re-issued No.1 is available only through this web site.

Worcester Guild Hall.

2. Snail on acanthus leaf. Reworked as No. 75.

Hereford Cathedral

13. Lion's head corbel. Reworked as No. 86.


Based on work at Worcester Guild Hall

3. Acanthus swag.

Stylised acanthus work

4. Foliate panel.

Lifelike painted snails

The snail on an acanthus leaf, catalogue number 2P, was available with the snail painted in lifelike colours – having a golden yellow shell with the stripes of the shell picked out. There were 30 very special snails which were painted with different shell colours, from rose red, to pale cream to black. Each one was an exact representation of an actual species and variety of snail and came with its own authentication certificate.

Early experimental versions of No. 2

No. 2 with brass finish

Several experimental finishes have been tried. Shown above are colourful versions of No.2 and the same with a brass finish. Both were sold in limited numbers in 1984.

Does anybody out there have any of the pieces sold through the Ice House Pottery in Hay on Wye in 1984/5? These were nearly all prototype and experimental pieces - sadly we kept hardly any examples of them for ourselves! Some photographs would be wonderful.

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