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Recent additions to our range of miniatures include remastered versions of our Tewkesbury Abbey King's head boss (No. 21) and the wonderfully alarming Troll boss (No. 22) Other new pieces are the Malvern Green Man boss, the Clee Green Man corbel, the Green Man boss, Dragon of Wales and Winged Lion of St. Mark all from St. Davids Cathedral, and another Three Hares boss. The latest miniatures are both from Gloucester Cathedral and are the delightful little Stone Mason "signature" stone and a magnificent Green Man.

They can all be seen on our New Lines page. There are more planned too, so watch this space!

See the latest additions to our range.

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Martin outside his workshop

The Boss standing in the main works entrance.......


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Miniatures photographed by Oliver Webb.

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Catalogue No. 78

Miniature of King's College Cambridge "Green Man" roof boss.

Catalogue No. 43.
A Bamberg Green Man built into a fireplace.


Catalogue Nos. 50, 51 & 52

Miniature voussoirs built into arch

Catalogue Nos. 49, 53, 54, 55 ,56, 57.

Miniature Neolithic Dolmen

Our miniature. The real dolmen.

We hope these comparitive photos will give you a good idea about the degree of accuracy to our miniatures. The picture on the left is our miniature, the one on the right is the real dolmen stone. The perspective is slightly different to the lower part of the images, since the camera was held at normal head height for the "real" shot, but only a few inches away for the miniature. 

Miniature bells

Miniature bells awaiting packaging.

Catalogue No. 77

Miniature of Big Ben.

Our red presentation boxes

Examples of our packaged miniatures.

(Note: we have now redesigned our red presentation boxes, current versions have hinged lids)

Catalogue No. 32M

Miniature of Lincoln Cathedral roof boss depicting the Coronation of the Virgin. Hand painted edition.

The real Toothache Man in Wells Cathedral. 

Our catalogue No. 87, Wells Cathedral Toothache Man on the right, the real thing on the left.

With particular gratitude to Marie Louise Wardle - an inspirational and dedicated art teacher and artist who fired the enthusiasm of so many pupils.

Catalogue No. 44p. Hand painted special.

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